August 14, 2009


oh hey LOOK it's me...on the lovely little teaspoons etsy shop! which preeeetty much means i'm famous cause like, everyone loves her shop, lol.
oh um, you actually have to click the links to see what i'm talking about...
she's cuuute!
meg & i had a lovely date night last night. went for all you can eat sushi - ate til we puked (haha just kidding) then went to see 'funny people' and i really liked it!
sooo it's friday! i can totally appreciate the saying 'tgif' now and it's an awesome feeling. i mean it's really the same as having two days off in a row, like i would sometimes normally do but working monday to friday makes me feel like a grown up and sometimes i like that. alllllright now i am going to completely counter-act that, HELLO KITTY TOYS AT MCDONALDS (in the happy meals) right now; how excited am i?? super excited! they are SO cute...i want, sorry need them all. i got chococat when i got my happy meal on my lunch and then when i was done work, i went with mikey on his lunch and made him get me the hello kitty one. i want the other two as well. they're super cute for happy meal toys hey? look like little collectors figurines.

oh & um, speaking of cats...i am obsessed with youtubing cute cats...just search 'talking cats' and you will get some of THE cutest videos you will ever see. i want to post them here but i can't use the embed for some reason (or i just don't know how?)

so. as i said, it's friday. what are your plans for the weekend? mikey & i are going grocery shopping when he gets off work at 7 and then we'll probably make something delicious and relax. tomorrow my mum (♥) is coming to visit, so we are going to spend the day together, shop and lunch and do girl stuff...and then at night, richy is coming to visit; yay bffs!! we're going to make a nice dinner (not sure what yet...) and have some drinks, nothing too wild. sunday, mikey and i are going to his mums to spend some time with sarah and the kids (mikeys sister, niece and nephew) before they head back to australia at the end of the week :( time goes by so quickly. oh ya, oh ya...sunday is also JULIE ROSS' BIRTHDAY! i will make a birthday post later...but it's also also mikey & i's year and a half (cue the awww's) haha, so sunday is an extra special day

speaking of which...this summer has FLOWN by...and frankly, i'm okay with that! considering it's been so hot & muggy lately and we don't have a/c...i have been ready for fall for abooout a month now. i'm over you summer, sorry! i love fall...lovelovelove, it's always been my favourite! i love everything about it, the smell of the crisp cold air, the leaves changing colours, layering and scarves and boots (mmm, boots!) and well, just dressing for fall in general; so much fun. oh i can't wait! i can't wait! i can't wait! ...until then, i will sit in my stinking hot apartment, wishing it were so much colder.