September 10, 2009

i feel pretty.

as i mentioned before...i've been in a bit of a slump lately. so i decided to find some pretty things to cheer me are a few of my findings and they are oh-so-pretty:
i am in love with necklaces like this one; found here
i would never have anywhere to wear something like, but don't you totally wish you did?? it's gorgeous; found here
i might actually have to buy this. in love; found here
this reminds me of my julie ross! i don't think i could do the whole feather headband thing but she does it so well; found here
i love this big rusty orange bow. it looks perfect in this girls hair. sometimes i wish i was a ginger..such pretty coloured hair; found here

i want to wear this on my wedding day. it's so very beautiful; found here