September 9, 2009

last saturday!

bits of my weekend...

my super cute boyfriend.

my super cute besty.

my other super cute besty...i have a few...and yes, they are all super cute!

me & bry.
brys awesome new tattoo; sibling love.

me & colin.

i know, i know...i'm badass, you don't have to tell me, ha!

i haven't been around much. i mean i've been around...i've been reading your blogs but i've been keeping to myself a little bit this week. there's some things in my personal life that i will talk about and then there's other things that i would rather keep to i haven't been blogging much; my apologies.

my recommendations for people who are down (or possibly not down...but not in the best mood they could be); put on some headphones. put on your favourite song. dance. and repeat. that is all. oh and cry...crying works too. it's okay to cry. trust me, you'll feel much better afterwards.