September 18, 2009

super jealous that vivianna has this painting by elsie. i think it's perfect. it reminds me of me a little...okay, a lot. red curly hair (same length pretty much) birds (which i've always loved) and she's even wearing grey (which i've been wearing SO much of lately) and a toque...super cute!

i got a package in the mail today from thelovelyteaspoon with my fixed teacup ring (it had an accident) and this little cutie as a nice surprise!

isn't the packaging so cute? a little rabbit box.

the weather was lovely today. it was windy but not cold...i do ♥ fall. i found some nice things while shopping. a few tops, a grey jersey circle scarf, a teacup&saucer, a bright red knitted scarf and some other things i can't remember at the moment.

i've noticed something that i do often. whenever i'm people watching i always check their left hand to see if they're married...and it breaks my heart when i see people 60+ who aren't and i wonder if they're alone. i wonder if they had the joy of sharing their life with someone. i hope they did and that they have lots of friends still around but sometimes old people look so lonely, ya know? i never want to be that somebody.