October 23, 2009

becky over at strumpets crumpets has inspired me to do a halloween costume post! i've had some pretty fun costumes so i thought i wold share them with you guys...

this was actually not on halloween but a costume party in the middle of the summer two years ago (actually, it was on my birthday) we were b girls (b as in hip hop for those who weren't sure...)

this was my last years costume and one of my favourites...195o's housewife! everyone said it suited me too well.
the whole ensemble. it was pretty perfect...from the pearls to my shoes...
me & julie on halloween 2oo7
i was sally from the nightmare before christmas. i sewed all of those patches on myself; it was pretty time consuming. julie of course, was minnie mouse and what a cute one!

this was also 2oo7, i went to a few halloween parties that year. when i went up to brock to visit my university friends i was a trashy nascar babe with fake cheesy tattoos (aka: mom in a heart, "ride fast ride hard")

this was also one of my favourites (if you know me, you know that i love asian fashion and would love to be a harajuku girl) so i was! this was halloween 2oo6 when i was still in university.

(i'm wearing a hello kitty mini back and hello kitty undies under that skirt haha, just to complete the costume!)

mainly i'm overly excited for my costume this year. i think it will be up there as one of my faves.