October 8, 2009

last night was great. after work i met up with kirk&jeff and went to brio gusto for a delicious dinner and some wine and good conversation.
i love those boys ♥
today has been a lovely day off so far. i woke up at ten, did some reading (blogs, of course!) and headed off to the gym. showered and checked the mail; oh hello government cheque; what good timing you have! then i headed off to fabricland...i got some red fabric (on sale!) to make my hello kitty jumper/bow for my costume, white felt to make my ears and the big white buttons for the jumper as well. i was really there to get pillow stuffing for pillows i have yet to make for an order but they are always out! i also did some thrifting and found these great winter boots for $12:

i never really have winter boots as they always seem so chunky and expensive and i never wanted a pair that you had to change into something else once you got to work, ya know what i mean? so i am very satisfied with this purchase as they are fur lined so will be warm in the winter but also super cute!

i also got some new shades (they are so big and delicious. i couldn't say no!)

they are a really nice tan shade and clear/brown on the outsides. the bigger the better when it comes to sunnies. my bangs are also growing out rather nicely & i am finally pleased with my hair. of course i want it longer but i'm at least happy with it now.

tonight mikey&i are making steak and asparagus and then meeting some friends for a couple drinks.

OH! i almost forgot...we have an appointment tomorrow at noon for something VERY exciting (hopefully) i realize this could go many ways...but it's probably not what you're thinking...whatever it is your thinking...it would be exciting for us though! more later when i have more information.