October 20, 2009

(more ideas)

pretty vintagey shelves.

i love the ladder idea for shelving. this is a cute metal one but i'd really like an old wooden one too.
i lovelovelove these cabinets. i want one of each...or maybe just one, i guess.

we've decided we 100% need a bed frame now, we've been living like college students for the past year with just the box spring and mattress on the floor (which i like) but now we need an 'under the bed' for storage so it's a necessity.

sorry i have yet to post about the giveaway. i am going to try and have it all set up to go on friday! i've never done one before so i have a few things to think of, how i want to do it and what exactly i want to have as the giveaway. it will be good though, i promise! i already have a few things in mind.

mostly lately my mind has been spinning with new loft ideas. i just found out today that my dear friend kirk is going to be taking our apartment so that's pretty neat. we get to be neighbours! which will also be really exciting so i'm stoked that he wanted it. forty days until the move. i am sososo excited. like, beyond excited. mainly to decorate of course but also just to have a new fresh space...and to minimize clutter.
so, i'm off for a bubble bath with my new sugar cookie bubbles (gotta appreciate the bath while we can...the new place doesn't have one!) as i said, blog giveaway will be posted friday! for sure.