November 8, 2009

( biggest modcloth wishlist right now )

i haven't been to modcloth lately, here's why...
probably the cutest ring...and i've seen/own a TON of cute rings.

one word: duh!

so pretty. with tights & my new boots? definitely.

hello perfect. i am so drawn to grey...i don't know why, it's not like a magnificent colour or anything but i think i love how easy it is and how simple. it's fun to accessorize with grey!

cuuuute short rain boots!!

i love rob ryans artwork, this book looks like it would be pretty.

super cute kitty sleep mask. i'm going to need one of these come the end of november when we move in...mikey likes to stay up and play video games, i like to go to bed early...hello sleep mask, i think we're going to be great friends real soon.

ahhh! i am so close to buying these (if they weren't $50 for the set) how adorable? conversation plates...obsessed.

singing in the rain shower curtain; love it! i can't remember if we have a shower curtain or a door at the new place...i hope it's a curtain so we can get a cute one like this...or something like it...

i want lots of pillows in our new loft. this one is super clean & follows along with the white fresh theme we're going for...also, i love birds, that's no secret...

how precious are these bowls? i'm obsessed with ♥s, also, no big surprise...

we desperately need a new frying pan. how cute is this one? it's called the frying pan-da...he would get along well with my hk tea kettle i think!

i am currently enjoying my sunday. drinking lots of tea and singing to mariah carey...sorry neighbours. i have no plans for today and i like that.