November 21, 2009

( peeks into dear love )

sooo...we're still in the process of adding items & fixing things up BUT!
i introduce to you
dear love

cellphone/digi cam snugglies

cute notebooks

& made by my wonderful cousin erin of red food colouring:
the cutest little matchbook calendar/notepads

laptop holder...looove this colour!

omg. i adore this doily clutch.
is it lame to order from your own shop? cause i want too.

this cute little pouch has mushrooms on the other side.
so, i've never been much of a self-promoter but i guess now that we have a shop, i kind of have to be. i would love it if you guys would check it out though, the prices are extremely reasonable...we'll be updating all the time! i just got a whole bunch of blank moleskines to fancy up so once we move and are all settled in, i will be making lots more...i take custom orders as well! if you have an idea for yourself or someone special, email me: