November 19, 2009

thankyou becky!
i got my giveaway win in the mail today; a sweet mustache keychain (with a mirror on the other side!) so here is my sweet stache photo; i it!!

the other night i went to go see 'pirate radio' or i guess in some places it's called 'the boat that rocked' and it was realllllly awesome..great music, great set, great vintage (everything) great sixties was fantastic! & happy :) i definitely recommend it to everyone...

mikey & i found out that we can 'move in' on saturday if we want as she's leaving even earlier which is awesome cause then we'll have over a week to move in before the new tenants move into our place on december 1st. we started packing tonight & got quite a bit done. we still have SO MUCH stuff to get rid of...really wishing it was garage sale time, so we could make some monies off this stuff. i hate giving value village expensive clothes/shoes...ahhh well!

suuuuper excited for this weekend! richy is coming down for the flavour ten year anniversary party and eeeveryone is really excited about it. it's going to be a GOOD party.