December 16, 2009

aw, this girl is so cute!!

i am feeling much better today, thanks for the well wishes! i think it totally is just the weather and the early darkness, etc...i'm looking forward to my 3 day weekend/pay day & i want lots of hangouts with friends since i was pretty much hibernating this week, i go to watch mikey get tattooed by tedd. i'm sure by now most people have seen the beginning of his sleeve...kind of swampy/polluted waters on the bottom & then the jeremy fish sailboat on his upper arm, well he's getting an octopus on his elbow/wrapping around that area to tie it all in together...i can't wait until his whole arm is done! it's going to look so good. hearing that buzzing sound of a tattoo gun always makes me long for more...

pretty awesome octopus tattoo;