December 3, 2009

i can honestly say that i am about 90% happy with my hair right now, even though i don't look it in that photo, haha...but 90% is pretty rare for me (& i'm assuming most gals feel the same as well) but it's at a good length, i mean of course i want it longlonglong but it's at least past the awkward ahhh-nothing-looks-good stage, my bangs are growing out nicely and the colour is lightening which i love. of course i'd love it reallyreally red i said, 90% happy with it & that's a good enough number for me. plus i have been getting a lot of nice compliments from people on it lately, which is always lovely to hear.
ps: once again, i am bored with my header...i want a long skinny one that takes up the entire page-like...any takers with free time and a skill for web design? i just want some simple and cute...that i won't get bored of, lol.