December 22, 2009

mikey & i made dinner the other night & had our christmas together (as i go home for christmas, he stays here with his family) so we had it a bit ago and these are the wonderful presents that my darling boyfriend spoiled me with:
a nixon watch; the misty (in red, as shown)

a samsara purse (samsara is a sister company to mat&nat) i got this bag but in black as i already have a great brown volcom one, that mikey actually got me last year...

& last but NOT least,

a new digital camera!! a really really wonderful one...and it's pink! not to choose favourites here but this is it...i have been wanting needing a new digital camera for, well probably a few years now. the one i have now still works okay but changes from black&white to colour whenever it feels like it (been dropped a few times) and well, lets be's 6.1 mega pixels...this one is double that & has a ton of sweet features!! i can't wait to take so many photos (which is nothing new haha)

& remember me telling you about my christmas present to myself? it came in the mail the other day & it's sooooo pretty!

of course the camera doesn't do the sparkles justice...

i haven't been blogging much as it's been busy, between working later shifts at work (not getting home til 7 or so) and last minute christmas stuff, it's left little time for blogging! but i do want to thank bryan for making me a blog header which i love! bryan is mikeys brother & he's a great web designer!
( thanks bry )