December 10, 2009

( once wed )

as you can tell i love photos like this...with just the bodies showing, holding hands...adorable!

one of my many cute photos!

i ADORE the colours in this.

it has their wedding date in scrabble letters, cuuute!

wish this showed bigger...

shoe photos are a fave too!

white balance ♥

now don't get the wrong idea...i'm not planning a wedding anytime soon. i just am obsessed with this website once wed as they have THE best photos of THE cutest weddings.
as a little girl i was never one to think of my dream wedding but i think once you meet the person you actually want to spend the rest of your life with, it triggers you to start daydreaming a little more of the day he proposes and all the cute possibilities for your wedding. all i know is that the #1 most important thing to me will be choosing a photographer, it is sososo important i feel, to really capture that day as it's going to be the best day of your life (hopefully) hehe.
today is my day off...random middle of the week day off while my schedule is kind of messed up because people are on holidays so apparently that means i don't get my weekends...blah! anyway, lots to do today...i shouldn't even be on the computer right now. remember that laundry i was 'doing' last sunday? didn't get done...desperately needs to, finish up a custom pillow order i've been working on all week, mail off my very first etsy sale (the owl glasses holder) get to michaels for some crafty stuff (christmas cards!) hem a dress i ordered from etsy (never done that before...) tidy the apartment...better get moving! all i want to do is sit with a cup of tea and watch the snow fall from my window.