December 20, 2009

you kind of can't have any shame at the laundry mat because there is almost always a guy (generally older) checking out your underwear collection...hope he enjoyed, majority is hello kitty. yes hi, i'm actually five years old.
so i fiiiiiiinally did my laundry. that was about two months in the making (no lies) it's pathetic that i have that much clothes that i don't have to do laundry for two months. it's when i run out of socks&undies that i know it's laundry time.
i've definitely enjoyed my three day weekend; two christmas parties, lots of great food & drunks...i mean, drinks ;) & times spent with great friends. that's what the holidays are about to me! i can't wait for the next four days of work to pass so i can head home for christmas ♥ mikey & i are having our christmas tonight & hopefully going to see avatar in 3D. in fact, i need to go get some groceries for our dinner!