January 24, 2010

the boys decided to play dress up around 2am...

i love this one of the boys!

rocking out to ri-ri!

me & sarah

i ♥ these two!

these photos are from katies birthday last night; very very fun!
today mikey & i slept in til one, went for breakfast/lunch @ 4 & then came home and went back to bed...haha, it's been a lazy day for sure! that's what sundays are for. now i'm just going to hang out & read some blogs, big mug of tea & maybe start my dominican lists! eeee...less than a month ♥
ps: rosie made me a widget for dear love it's availible at the side of my page...if you would like to add it to your page to help promote our etsy, i would love you forever & ever...thank you!!