January 6, 2010

( a few things )

my friend steve got this new little babydog named dahlia and she is the most precious little thing i have ever ever seen; eeeee. i couldn't stop squealing, she's sooooo teeny & quiet & soft; i love her!!

& she has a red collar with rhinestones and hello kitty on it...best!
speaking of hello kitty,
i want these on my fingernails all of the time. i'm sure they'd get annoying as all hell but holy crap, they are SO cute! fake nails are a funny thing, they look nice & i've had them before but after like 3 days i want to rip them all off & then your nails are all screwy afterwards, yuck.

i really haven't blogged much since new years which was a really fun night! i've been busy with work and just trying to relax more...aka: not being on the computer (though it is also relaxing)

i've been doing well with my no dairy project,
less tummy aches = a happier carly :)
however no cheese is EXTREMELY hard (when you're me)

mikey & i booked our all inclusive vacation tonight
puerto plata, dominican republic
here we come!
february 22nd-march 1st...i am BEYOND excited

two more days of work
tomorrow i work a short shift; 8-2 (yay!)
i am excited to get crafty, it's been awhile
then friday, regular hours
& saturday alycat is coming to visit