January 22, 2010

finally, FINALLY this week is over,
looking back it doesn't seem that long
but i worked ten hours every.single.day
it was exhausting & i am soooo excited to sleep in tomorrow & sunday.

as a present to myself for working so hard i went shopping,
it was an impromptu shopping trip.
lianne messaged & asked me to go,
but what do you know, i find SO much stuff!
that always happens, i find it when i'm not looking for it
i bought some really comfy denim,
a cute longer floral top to wear with leggings,
some re-usable heart shapped ♥ cupcake molds,
the BEST cupcake/candle stand
(julie...the one you have & i told you i had seen before and wanted, it was still there so that means it was a sign & i got it + it was $13!)
some darker tinted shades for our trip
(which is 1 month today...eeee!)
& last but certainly not least...the BEST jacket ever...
type: leather (or something like it)
style: same as my black one
colour: cognac (♥)
price: 50% off...so it was $50; best!
(omggggg i am in LOVE!)
i will be sure to post photos tomorrow as i am gross and unshowered and tomorrow i will be fresh & clean...with possibly a new hair colour (i am so torn!)

i bit my nails down to the nub this week
being stressed did not help,
i need to paint them asap...will do tomorrow.
lots to do tomorrow,
bed time? it's 10:15...but i am sooo tired
& did i mention i get to SLEEP IN tomorrow?
AND mikey & i have the whole weekend off together...
that never happens!
oh! oh! oh! & i think my one piece is in...
i got the post office message, i will find out tomorrow; yay!