January 28, 2010

new etsy shop find: thrush vintage
this cute camera. i love the large flash!

pretty pink sandals

this little red slip dress is adorable. her haircut is super cute too!

i have wanted a hat like this for so long now...
this necklace is from a different etsy shop (not the one featured above)
how CUTE is this necklace? i love it.

seen first on carlovelys blog...

how amazing are these?? basically like american apparel hoodies but one full piece of it...that pretty much seems like the best thing ever to me. i wonder if i could get away with wearing this to work? i mean, i paid to dress down but is this taking it too far?? naaaah. the webpage is in another language so i have no idea how much they are, whether they ship to canada, etc etc...anyone want to navigate??