January 13, 2010

( oh hi! )

alycat, one of my besties was visiting this weekend! it was so great as we don't get to see each other too often as she's usually between 2-4 hours away from me whether she's at home or school...we had a lovely weekend & took some photos (duh!) i thought i would share...

isn't she beeeeautiful? i love/need her hair. that length is what i'm going for...only five more years & zero haircuts til i get there.

& just cause you all know how desperately i am trying to grow my hair/layers out, here's a progress photo. it's hard to tell how long it's getting when i wear it curly all the time but every now and agian i'll go through a phase where i like it straight. anyway, look how long!! :)

(haha i think mikey hates me here...looks like it anyway)

so tonight after work i:
ordered chinese food (mmm!)
applied for school
(office administration [executive is my 1st choice, general is my second] & educational assistant...kind of a back up, but i would still really enjoy it
made an american apparel order (it's been awhile)

here's what i ordered:
i think this will make a good beach cover-up/tank for the summer/cute with tights plus i'm obsessed with the colour heather grey...

i love navy & kelly green together. plus i love strapless tops
(i figure i will remove or tuck in the straps on this)

oh & this...it's so neat! i can't remember what it's called but you can wear it as high waisted shorts, a romper/one piece (strapless or halter) & it has the cutest bow tie...lots of fun ways! i got it in navy...

(favourite...one piece with a bow!)

i plan on stealing this exact look for dominican, minus the tights...floppy hat, one piece romper, sun on my face, sand in my toes, wind at my back...haha okay okay i'm done i'm done.

so cute eh?
i'm excited to get lots of use out of the many ways to style it when we go to dominican!
now i'm going to make a tea, read my book & go to bed early. i was out late last night (well 2am but considering i go to bed around 11 every night that's a late night for me) went out for beers at the only with friends. was super tired today for work but no regrets, it was a ton of fun!