January 16, 2010

so...lots of people do outfit posts on here!
& i think they're fun
so i've decided to do some sometimes
(when my outfit is good enough)
& last night i had a blog-worthy outfit i think,
i felt pretty cute in it anyway...
top - wal mart $6
skirt - stitches $12.99
belt - thrift shop $3
tights - rickis $14
boots - steve madden $120
today i'm hungover from last nights craziness. we went out for b's birthday & had a blast. anyway i've been fooling around with mikeys camera today & took some photos.

also...how rad is this nailpolish? totally forgot i had it!
& that bow ring, was part of what lianne got me for christmas. i adore it! & it's sterling silver so i haven't taken it off ever since...those two on this hand are my staples. the other one is my grammas engagement ring and i've worn it now for years.

& look how long my hair is! haha, no i won't shut up about it...

this one showcases the shoe/coat rack my parents bought us for christmas! isn't it great? it totally fits in with the loft vibe...exposed piping, no closets, that whole thang.

haha. i always feel full of myself when i post photos of me,
but hey it's my blog. i'll do what i want! lol :)
+ i know my mum likes them...right mum?
so, today is saturday. i slept in 'til 1 which was glorious
i have absolutely no plans (though i have some things that do need to get done) i am putting them off as i want/need a super relaxing day. i may play some dj hero in a bit as andrea left it here last weekend and it is SO much fun! possibly going out again tonight annnd more sleep ins tomorrow/hangouts with mikey; yay!
hope everyone is having a lovely weekend