January 3, 2010

today i plan on being super nerdy & spending as much time on my laptop until i finish my goal...which is, putting every single last photo on my computer onto the external hard drive my brother got me for christmas. it's 1 tera bite...that's 1,000 giga bites...insane hey? i didn't even know that big amount even existed! either way, it's going to hold my bajillion photos & then my mind will be at rest (one of my biggest biggest biggest fears is one day, my laptop not turning on and alllllll of my photos, aka: my memories & life, will be deleted & i will never be able to get them back) i would cry for daaaaays...

anyway, i hope it doesn't take me forever so i have some time to go and get groceries & spend time with my cute boyfriend.

speaking of laptops...i've decided i want a macbook, i know who doesn't? i wish i had a million dollars too. oh & i want summer back. winter, you kinda suck.

edit // wow!! i'm so impressed. it literally took me about 25 minutes, just had to copy and paste each folder...and get this, i literally have thousands of photos on my computer & i only used 8 of the 1,000GB. my whole life (in photos) will be able to fit on this thing :) so happy...AND all before noon; mikey's not even awake yet! i thought it was going to take all day.