February 1, 2010

this weekend home/party bus'ing was amazing. i won't go into all the drunken details of richies birthday but it was awesome good times! richies birthdays are always epic & this year was no less than that
in other news, it's february
i guess that's not really news (everyone already knows)
but february is exciting for multiple reasons:
1st. valentines day!

everyone loves this day right? no? that's fine. if you don't love it, you should. i know that if you love someone you should tell them on a regular basis (& i do) but i also love hearts, the colour red & (recently A LOT lately) pink too...so valentines day is a pretty awesome day!

2nd. anniversaries!

yes, i am a lame girl who reminds her boyfriend on every 16th day of every month how many months we've been dating & it will be two whole years this february 16th...i know to a lot of people that's not the biggest number but seeing as my track record before mikey was...errr, 3 months? 2 years is a bigtime deal!
& i'm the happiest i've ever ever ever been because of him.
3rd. vacation!

3 weeks today and mikey & i will be sitting on a beach, enjoying the sun; mmmm. it's going to be beautiful and i am so so so excited as i have never been somewhere that tropical (other then florida and las vegas...but that was years ago and ya, wasn't white beaches & unlimited drinks) so i'm way too excited for this vacation. i probably won't sleep the week before (i do that...thanks mum!)

speaking of my mum ♥ she left the cutest voicemail on my phone saturday night...she was out at a girls night & left me this message:

"okay so from what i'm gathering from all my friends here, i should be on the party bus with you right now because all they want to hear is all this old fashioned shit, like cher and stuff...which i don't want to listen too. so anyways, all i can say is when you're dancing downtown and having fun, just think of me and have a couple dances because they just don't understand it...anyways, i love you and will see you tomorrow (*kiss*kiss) bye!"

& and last but certainly not least...
february started on a really GREAT note,
i woke up this morning, checked my emails on my bb and low and behold, guess who was accepted into all 3 programs she applied to at college?
of course my first choice is the executive office administration program & i am super excited i got into it as i didn't want to have to go with either of my back up programs. i am so excited i found out so early, like really early

(now i have 8 months to prep&save...mainly save...not much i have to do to prep but lots i have to do to save) so that was exciting for me! i am actually so so so excited to be going to school for something that i really want. i made the mistake of going to university for two years (well, not a mistake...but not the wisest as i had NO idea what i wanted to come of it) now that i know what i want to do and am not just taking general courses, i know that i will be 100% more focused and ready/excited to learn. it feels good knowing that i will be going back to school. i made a good decision all on my own and ya know what? i'm proud of myself!