February 11, 2010

thursday! thursday! one step closer to friday...
also pay stub day (pay DAY isn't til tomorrow)
but thursday is a pretty alright day,
except i hate my shift; 11-8...blah!
i am definitely looking forward to the weekend,
i have things i need to catch up on...like sleep!
i really REALLY wish it were this time next week,
we would be so much closer to vacation time ♥
i'm also looking forward to next weekend as i have just booked a little bit of spa time (eeee! i've never been so i'm super excited) i am getting a massage & a pedicure...it's going to be loooovely! that will be on the saturday before we leave, sunday we go home to pickering and then monday morning (VERY early; our flight is at 6.20 so we'll be waking up at like 3) we leave!!!