February 9, 2010

today was supposed to be my short shift at work...well it turned out to be even shorter as i got offered vto (voluntary time off) so i only worked for a few hours this morning. the rest of the morning was spent making breakfast, catching up on blogs & taking some photos...

our loft (well, a portion of it) in black and white

my favourite happy meal toys EVER & one of my favourite photos from the cottage two summers ago...

mikey bought me this rose the first night we stayed at our new place. it's dead but i think it still looks really pretty!

this is bread. haha...i was making breakfast & bored...kind of a neat angle though i thought.

i love big mugs, can you tell? owls, skulls, brass knuckles & birds; haha! we have quite the wide variety...

marilyn in our bathroom, my makeup case & some pink towels!

the kitchen/bathroom doorway.
the puppy i got mikey last year for valentines day, a bunch of pillows i have made and...becky, recognize anything special?
i have been wearing this tunnel scarf made by jen so much! i love adding vintage brooches to it. this one use to be my grammas...

the romper i bought over the weekend. i actually really like it with tights underneath. perhaps adding a cardigan...could be cute!

& now, some of my favourite little girl;
miss andy electric

this one is her "mooooom, you're embarassing me" face...awww.

"no, don't go!"
last night mikey, bry, jess and i went to mikeys mums place for a delicious dinner. i love their place, robertas boyfriend has a collection of old cameras (that all work!) and vintage radios. they live in an old marina; it is so amazing! we're all going to go antiquing on sunday morning, i am so excited!!