March 31, 2010

i need a pair of these swedish hasbeen clogs.

they are seriously the prettiest shoes i have seen all season. i know the seasons just begun but seriously...they are so perfect!! i would love them in every colour but i realllllly love them in nude ♥

my mission: clogs

haven't been posting much this week/last weekend, i kind of just forgot i guess? i've been busy too though, with 9 hour days at work, a few dinners and having friends here this weekend, i haven't had much time to blog!

the weekend was great, having richy & jujubes come to visit, we had a TON of fun! i didn't take many photos (stupid.stupid.stupid) but there are other peoples i will share soon, we were pretty cute at the costume party!

(here's a peek at me & mikey...i was a ballerina, he was an old man..."a glimpse into my future" as most people were saying, haha!)

i've had a rough week at work, really just at my wits end, really really; i am just excited for the 3 day weekend that is fast approaching and the weather that is supposed to be accompanying's supposed to be glorious out. now, i would rather be with my mum in new york this weekend (the lucky duck) buuut if i can't, i will settle for lovely spring weather!

well, time to get ready for work