March 26, 2010

( recent etsy faves )

there is a part of me that wants to collect old clocks, i love the look of them. however it's kind of a silly collection because you can't just have clocks everywhere that tell the wrong time, ya know?

these very cute but very expensive sugar skull

i'm obsessed with old luggage/train cases,
i certainly wouldn't mind this mint one! be perfect for a collection, don't you think? (i already have one...only need one more to start a collection)
this pretty floral periwinkle strapless number,
i think i would wear it everyday!
gosh i could never walk in these...but aren't these sky high platforms so cute??

i loooove this gorgeous envelope mailbox

$7 (vinyl sticker) excuse to get a very expensive macbook?

this wooden wine rack. mikey has wanted a wine rack for quite some time now. i don't think we'd ever have enough wine for a wine rack bigger then this one, 3 would be perfect which is why i dig this one.

i have been loving chandeliers lately; like this pretty chandelier

this skeleton key towel hook

this mermaid desk topper; i ♥ mermaids!
i also ♥ fridays...which is today!! only one more sleep until julie & richy come and i'm so very excited! cupcake baking, costume party & sleepovers...perfect weekend!