March 6, 2010

today i was thinking of i made some for the double birthday party i am going to tonight for meg & colin

has anyone used this silicone cupcake holders before? this was my first time using them. i bought them cause they were ♥ shaped & also thought they would be easier then buying the paper ones (more environmentally friendly) however i filled them to the line shown on the cup & they spilled over...then taking them out of it was awful too...some didn't make it! i prefer the paper ones!

this is the crochet cupcake i won from a no wooden spoon giveaway; i love it!

i am so glad i bought food colouring...
i mixed some pretty pastels eh?
they make the cupcakes so much more fun & colourful

i used mini eggs, mentos & sparkles on top!

i love being able to have the windows open,
the weather is sooo nice!

dare i say, spring is here??