April 30, 2010

it's been awhile hasn't it?
my mum sent me an email saying "hi you must be busy this week my girl....not much blogging happening" haha and then i realized it was true! it's been a whole week since my last post. it doesn't seem that long since i've still been reading everyones post (i haven't been ignoring blogger completely!) i guess i was busy'ish this week but i also didn't really feel like i had much to blog about! that happens sometimes...especially when i have a million other things on my mind/am super stressy (whiiiiich i have been, ugh!) mainly money & school...which are kind of going hand in hand right now. plus i feel like a change but i don't know in what aspect of my life just yet...anyway!
april 27th was my two year anniversary of being in peterborough,
mikey bought me flowers!
(ps: incase you're wondering who fran is...it's one my nicknames mikey gave me)

aren't they pretty? and they smell so good!

these ones are my favourite

i bought this mug when i was in toronto last weekend. it's from urban outfitters & it's the cutest mug i have...

i ♥ instax!
i'm feeling pretty crappy today...a mix of a stomach ache (possibly from something i ate last night) also that whole stress thing i mentioned earlier. it definitely takes a toll on my body & mind. i don't like it one bit!