April 22, 2010

nude attitude by revlon
my new favourite lippy.
(it's lighter in person...& matte, no shine!)
i'm not a huge lipstick person, normally i feel funny wearing it...like i'm trying to be someone i'm not or something? haha maybe that sounds funny. i think it's because i was always a lip balm or lip chap girl (tub of blistex is still my favourite) but sometimes you want some colour & if you're like me you don't really dig the glossy look...behold! nude lipstick. for me it's the perfect shade darker than my pale skin & i love it; gives it that bit of colour and is nicer/smoother then wearing concealer on your lips (yes, i often do this...or rather, did this) this feels much better! & you could still throw some gloss over it and it would look pretty too :)