April 15, 2010

where have i been? where have i been?
well, the answer is simple, sort of.
this past weekend i went home for easter dinner at grammas (which was lovely!) went downtown toronto for a friends birthday (which was lovely...until i got [uneccessarily] clocked in the forehead by some chick after the bar closed) then megs & sara drove mikey & i home to peterborough and we had a nice lunch together sunday talking girly talk...the rest of the week is kind of a blur; i have been working and then going to bed at absurd hours, and by absurd i mean 7&9pm when i'm usually awake 'til at least 11.30! i don't know what it was? i think maybe i was/am just run down from work and stuff and maybe it had something to do with being punched in the face? who knows...anyway! i'm well rested (i hope!) & i'm all caught up with your blogs, so i'm back! i apologize for my absence...