April 3, 2010

( yesterday )

we went to meg, colin & mikes new place & hungout in their huuuge backyard; shot guns (pellet guns) talked shit & drank beers...haha, but really.

i ♥ jumpers!! it's sooo nice this weekend!

good shot mikey!


my first time shooting a pellet gun & i hit the bottle. you can't really tell from this photo, but there's no neck :)

earlier yesterday, mikey & i took advantage of the waaaarm spring/more like summer weather and went for a nice walk around town. i love living somewhere that has a downtown and water and nature (growing up in a subdivision/mall town just isn't the same)

it was a really great day!
other plans for this weekend include: (today) starting to run/actually excerise again, going to the library, working on more skirts, cleaning up the apartment, eating a delicious 'goodbye' pizza (which is the last one for a long time! mikey & i are challening [not betting] each other so that we'll both have more motivation to cut back on crappy eating; pizza, pasta, junk food, etc) then tomorrow it'll be a lovely lazy day: going to get pedis with meg & some shoe shopping! it's summer, i need some cute (comfy) sandals!