May 1, 2010

new hair

it's not really 'new' since i've had very similar cuts before & she didn't take much off but it feels so much healthier (& shiny!!) and i really love the bangs...they are long but don't touch my eyelashes so they aren't annoying!

did i mention it's been a year since i last got a haircut?! insane.

do you ever have those photos of yourself where you're like "who is this person?this doesn't look like me..." i'm having one of those right now, with this photo.

biting mikeys steeze;
cazelle shades...mikey use to wear glasses like this but with clear lenses (& a prescription for that matter, lol)

i feel kinda diva'y in them!
i have a million shades but no diva shades ($10 too!)
hope everyone is having a rad weekend ♥
i'm going out dancing with my girrrrls tonight! what else is new?