May 8, 2010

photo dump!

favourite shelf, which has mikeys jeremy fish collectibles on it and my dunnys (from becky!) side note: if you're thinking that beaver looks like a dildo, you're right! buuuut don't be thinking anything else cause it's a collectible (jeremy fish...mikeys favourite artist)

our kids are going to have pretty eyes...just sayin'

my outfit from yesterday

mikey took this a few nights you ever wonder what cats are thinking when they just stare at you? (which andy does ALL the time) sometimes i think she wants to kill me (if she could) other times she has a sort of sweet look in her eye...ahaha, cat people: am i nuts?!

hahaha. dancing last weekend, so fun!!

meg & i look pretty gone in this one, i think it's kinda funny! plus she looks like a cougar in that top :) haha
okay, that's all! kind of random but i just uploaded them from the camera and these were my favourites!