June 8, 2010

childhood survey

1. Where did you grow up?
Pickering, Ontario (for those in the states which is most of you, it is about 40 minutes outside of Toronto. It's a city so I guess it's pretty big compared to some peoples hometowns. It was a nice place to grow up, very surburby and we didn't have a downtown or anything (nothing like Peterborough) We had a mall which was sweet but got boring very fast...especially when you worked there for like 5 years.

2. Do you consider your childhood a happy one?
Absolutely. I always felt love from my parents and my family and was lucky enough to grow up with both a mum & a dad, I consider that very lucky. I also had all of my grandparents (just up until last summer when my Grandpa passed away) but I was very lucky to have known them for so long, most people I knew didn't know all of their grandparents. I also knew my Great Grandmother who died in her early 90s...long living family!

3. Do you have any siblings?
Kyle, he's 26 (turning 27 in July) and he's amazing! Best big brother I could ever ask for. We didn't fight like most brothers & sisters do when they're little. Other then a few spats, we never really argue, get along really well and couldn't have a better relationship! I am very thankful for him.

4. Who did you think was the smartest person in the world?
Ahaha, weird question and to be honest, I don't remember...

5. Did you ever run away from home?
Nope, I had no reason to want to, though when I got into snits (as my parents would call them) or when I turned into Snarly Carly (which my parents would call me) I had a tendency to stomp up the stairs as hard as I could & slam my bedroom door (sometimes more then once if I didn't think they heard me) but never ran away.

6. What about being a child do you miss the most?
Well looking back (now) I definitely miss not having bills to pay, or having to worry about going to work (school seemed daunting...boy, did we ever have it easy) not having to worry about drama or money issues or bills!! Kids have it so easy...play, eat, poop, go to school, rinse & repeat.

7. Where did your family go on vacation?
Well, we would go to Florida lots & lots, Niagra Falls a few times...oh & our coolest vacation was travelling Las Vegas & Nevada (in the desert) when I was about 12 or 13...definitely want to go back now though!!

8. What is something you really wish you hadn't started earlier in life?
Um, I don't have any dirty habits (ex: smoking) or anything like that so...nothing.

9. Did you have any serious accidents or illnesses as a child?
Um, not really...I think (if I remember correctly) I had some health issues at birth but the most serious accident I can remember was when I was swinging and fell flat on my back (mid air) knocked the wind right out of me and I remember my mum thinking I might be paralyzed. Also as a baby, my mums friend dropped me (not that I remember but I was told)

10. Did you have any nicknames?
Snarly Carly, as previously stated...Carly Charlie, Carly Ann, Charlie, Car, Car Car...

11. Name 5 school days accomplishments.
  1. I won a hula hoop competition one time on beach day...lol
  2. I never got sent to the principals office & got sent into the hall only once for saying 'hurdy gurdy' too loud (it's the name of an instrument...doesn't it sound silly?)
  3. I had alright grades. I think I might have made honour roll once or twice...in grade 7&8, not high school
  4. Alright, that's all I can think of...I wasn't much of a scholar or anything!
12. What stories have been told about yourself as a baby?
Um, well this one is my favourite. I wasn't a baby...I think I was about 3 or 4 and I was staying over at my grandparents house and when my mum was out, I peed in their closet...when my mum came back she asked me why I would do something like that because only cats & dogs pee in closets and & I cheekily responded "Well pretend I'm a dog" I am still quite cheeky to this day...that's something I remember hearing a lot growing up "Don't be cheeky Carly Ann!"

13. Did religion/church play a part in your childhood social activities?
No, my family wasn't religious. I went to the bible summer camp at the church behind my house a few times when I was 8910ish...then I didn't run into that God dude again until about Grade 10 and I went to another bible summer camp (this time it was in Muskoka & a sleepover camp & there were cute boys there! Haha)

14. What objects do you remember from your childhood?
My life size Fisher Price kitchen set, I loved that thing & had some pretty intense conversations (for a 3 year old) on the play phone, haha..."Your mother is dead??" (I was pretending to talk on the phone and my parents caught me saying that on home video, lol) My cabbage patch doll I got for my 1st birthday & still have, all of my Barbies & my Barbie house (which was so amazing, the picture of my face being captured as I opened it is priceless!) my brothers Ninja Turtles dolls (oh & our NKOTB dolls!) my Skip-it, my Whoopsie Daisy doll, My Little Ponies, my Wrinkles puppet dog...okay, I could go in. This turned into a toys post:
This was Alphie...I got him on my 4th birthday I think.

This looks like Daniella, except she had a purple suit!
OMG I had this Barbie when I was growing up...I had no idea there was a matching Ken! Don't you love her dress? Seriously!
Weird...didn't even remember these til I found them on Google, think they were called Fairywinkles, I had a bunch of them!
Littlest Pet Shop (now known as the 'vintage' ones since the new ones came out) I actually had this kitty one, it was one of my faves...aw, the little fat orange guy was my fave!!

Polly Pocket...what little girl didn't love these?

I remember HAVING to have one of these...I had a knock off, it was a penguin and even that was like $50! These things were so over priced...then they got banned from class!

15. What was the number of students in your graduating class?
I have no idea...probably a couple hundred. 200-250?

16. What is one thing that you never did in high school that you wish you would have done?
I wish I was a little more of a bad ass, haha...that sounds so funny, but Mikey has all these great prank stories of stuff he got up to in high school and I wasn't a goody two shoes or anything but I could have done more...lol.

17. Did you go to college and what was your major?
I attended Brock University for 2 years (approx 4 years ago) and realized it wasn't for me. I will be going to college in the fall, for the first time!

18. What was the funniest thing someone wrote in your yearbook?
I wish I had all of my yearbooks here, they are at home and I unfortunately don't have them. I always remember that was my favourite day, last day of school (duh!) but the day you run around trying to get everyone to sign your yearbook...I love reading those comments!

19. How has your hometown changed since you were a kid?
Um, it hasn't really much...they got better stores in the mall, thaaaat's about it!

20. If you could go back and tell your younger self anything, what would it be?
+ Life gets harder, just you wait, you're bitching about stupid shit.
+ Your mum is always right, it's going to rain...don't be stubborn and bring that umbrella!
+ Try harder, this is such an easy part of life and you are totally oblivious to that.
+ Mod robe pants are not cool...neither is wearing a million plastic bracelets up your arm (ps: Avril totally copied me!)
+ Be nicer to your parents, they mean well & only want what's best for you.