June 1, 2010

june june june
it's a pretty month,
i like the name june for a person even

here's what i have planned for june:
* a birthday party on the 12th!!
* my 24th birthday on the 13th
* my brothers best friends wedding
* doctors/dentist appointments (i ♥ clean teeth)
* lots of bike rides
* enjoying the sunshine

unfortunately missing out on an epic camping trip to sandbanks, eeeeveryone is going & i have those doctors/dentists appointments that i can't break, bummer :(
i wish i wasn't working the crappiest shift ever today;
11.30-8.30 bye bye day
tomorrow i have a short shift though, 9.30-3.30 so that will be a pleasant mid week break...i plan on going for a long long bike ride (maybe bringing a picnic)