June 7, 2010

oh my gosh, i can't stop drinking this tea... just when i thought i couldn't love tea anymore, i meet davids tea & lordy lordy is it ever wonderful! the best part is, the tin (that seemed expensive at the time - $17; worth every penny) is totally going to last me forever...well, maybe not at the rate i'm drinking it!

janel, over at run with scissors is doing a 30 day art journal challenge where starting on june 14th (day after my birthday) she is going to post a prompt and some inspiration (her journal page) and do a new one every day for 30 days! this sounds super fun to me as i've always loved art journalling and have started some but then they always end up turning into pages & pages of lists. anyway, i'm excited for this as she always does the best pages so it will inspire me!

i made a button, add it to your blog too :)
thanks guys!!

ps: let me know if it works...it's my first time!