June 22, 2010


rain rain go away,
i have lots to do today...

luckily most of it can be done inside
however i NEED to get groceries & run some errands
also...i want to bike ride, so piss off rain (pun intended)

so i haven't been doing so well at catching up with janels art journal class but i have gotten a few done and here they are:
day #5) favourite bloggers
i chose to illustrate the best i could...
can you figure them all out??

day # 4) what my heart looks like

day #3) favourite part of my day...
being in love & tea

mikey was away camping this wknd & they come back today. i'm not sure what time but it should be now please ♥ five days away is too much!

i had the strangest dream about him last night (i don't sleep well when he's not home) anyway, he got the nintendo word/sign tattooed on the top of his hand...and something equally as silly on the top of his other hand...and i broke up with him because of it!