June 5, 2010

this is jeff,
he's one of my favourites! i thought i'd post some photos from last night cause a) they show my hair better and b) i had a TON of fun last night!! kirk graduated from university so they were staying at the holiday inn, we had some drinks there first (& a LOT of laughs) then walked down to splice, dance dance dance, more drinks, electric feel comes on (by MGMT) so naturally i get up on the couch to dance, bouncer didn't like that...he kicked me out, luckily i know the owner. side note: i had already been on the couch dancing once that night and he asked me to get down so i guess he wasn't too pleased when i took it upon myself to get back up there, haha. lang (the owner) told me that he's going to cellophane and scotch tape the couches for me for next weekend as that's where we're going for my birthday party ♥

ps: that was my first time being kicked out of a bar...