June 13, 2010

today is my 24th birthday
& boy did i ever get spoiled!
mikey sure knows the way to my heart...
hello kitty & diamonds (REAL diamonds!!)
isn't it beautiful?

i had an absolutely amazing time last night,
so many people came out to celebrate with me ♥
i truly could not ask for a better group of friends,
i got an amazing assortment of hello kitty things, delicious tea (from my favourite; davids tea) a few bottles of wine, a homemade cake, beautiful flowers, cards...spoiled!

i will be sure to post photos when i get them onto the computer; so much fun! we had the most people in our loft that we ever have, took so many photos, danced all night at splice (not on the couches this time) a wee after party at our place and finally sleep at 4.30 am. i woke up this morning with my amazing boyfriend & some of my bestest friends...24 feels pretty good so far; i have good feelings about this year ♥