July 22, 2010

cottage life.

a collection of my favourite photos from mikey & i's cameras from the 4 days that we were up at the cottage:

we lucked out & had awesome weather, even though they were calling for rain the whole time (boy were they ever wrong!)

lots of relaxing & drinking beers

feeding the chipmunk right from my hand...

did lots of this...catching some rays!

mikey & kyle both went tubing

this was a storm that was coming in from the other side of the lake...it was really neat how it just kept getting foggier and foggier until we couldn't see the other side (this was the only rain we got the whole time and it lasted about 10 minutes)

dad thought this was super weird...
can anyone else do a clover with their tongue?

beautiful beautiful weather...

kyle & carrie playing washers or newfie horseshoes

my big bro & i

these were the fish we kept from my dad, mikey & i's fishing trip. they are large and small mouth bass & boy oh boy, were they ever yummy! mikey & i both fileted our first fish this weekend, had them for breaky the next day.

kyle having a mud bath in the lake...

on the lake when we were fishing

overall it was just a really nice time. as i said, great weather & company. it was so nice to spend so much time with my family! lots of great food & drinks, a trip into town for ice cream, lots of relaxing in the sun & swimming in the lake too! it was perfect and hopefully i can get back up there sometime next week before my parents go home.

now...time to finish up some skirt orders & catch up on all of my favourite blogs!

ps: giveaway time this weekend! i exceeded my 150 followers by another 5...you guys are awesome! & trust me, this giveaway is so worth the wait.