July 23, 2010

craving fall!

recent etsy faves:

this amazing amazing sweater!
if it wasn't 35 degrees out & the wrong season, i would totally be ordering this!

i love this cute knitted batwing sweater,
can you tell i have fall on the brain already?

this tray is so adorable! i could totally use something like this too, for eating breaky/lunch or dinner infront of the television, which we often do!

this leather backpack is great & would be perfect for school...
the price tag on it is far too steep though!

this owl hoodie is amazing...
i think you can probably figure out why i love it so much!
found here

if you are a follower of the dainty squids then i am sure you have seen these wonderfully unique hoodies from mungo crafts...anyway, this is my favourite so far!