July 10, 2010


oh brandon boyd, how is it possible that you get better and better looking as time goes by. aren't you supposed to age or something?
& for your viewing pleasure
(i didn't think you'd mind a few more)

oh & he looks alright with his shirt off too...

i had this poster on my wall growing up:
today is an incubus kind of day,
i just bought brandons solo album 'the wild trapeze'
i plan on listening to every album from fungus amongus to light grenades & everything in between...maybe even playing my morning view or alive at red rocks dvd...yes, it is visually pleasing to watch as well as musically...what a beautiful band, brandon is not the only pretty one (though of course he is the prettiest!) i also think jose, chris and ben are rather adorable as well.

oh hey incubus fans, ready to be jealous?
i've seen them in concert 4x and i saw them once at much music as well...i was standing directly behind jose and at the end of the set, he gave me his drumstick, in which i met/got all of them to sign EXCEPT for brandon...why? because the damn security guard informed them that they all had to go RIGHT as brandon was getting around to me....ARGH! yes, i am still mad about this to this day...i don't think i will ever get over that! and incase you hadn't figured it out yet, yes they are my favourite band. ever.

anyway, i plan on listening to lots of good music today as i clean for tonights party. we're having people over mikeys birthday; FUN!