July 8, 2010

it is insanely, insanely hot here. the kind of heat makes you feel sick, that when you walk outside it just engulfs you...it's disgusting actually and i have been enjoying hiding inside with the a.c cranked instead. it's not even nice to be outside in this weather, too hot! i think it reached 42 degrees today...nutso! i am sooo thankful for having air con this year. this time last year, in our old apt, i would have been melting..."i'm melting...what a world, what a world"

today is mikeys birthday as previously mentioned, he had to work though so we're celebrating tonight by going to his mums for dinner with everyone. i love dinners there, she is such a great cook! i'm a little peeved that mikeys big gift didn't come in the post today (he will have to wait til tomorrow as apparently that is when it comes in) it's worth the wait though!

so last night i finished this book...all 841 pages of it and it only took me 4 days. one of those books that was hard to put it down. it was very different from the books i usually read and it was so so SO good! i can't wait to read the second one (which i have in my possession thankfully) but i have mixed feelings about seeing the movie (regardless, i still will) the book is always, always better & you know when you picture the characters in your head, then see the movie and you're like "no, that's not what you're supposed to look like" & are kind of disappointed? haha, ya.

has anyone seen the movie or read the book?
what'd ya think?