July 6, 2010

our a.c has (thankfully) been completely jacked the last few days as it has been reaching temperatures in the 40s the past couple of days, unreal! too hot to go outside if you don't have to. i am soooo thankful we have a.c this year, last year in the old apartment we were just dying...hurray for a.c! however it's left this little one a bit chilly, so i put a blanket on her today..

isn't she adorable?
i love when she covers her face with her paw as she's sleeping

in other news...
yesterday i spent 7 hrs with teddy at his studio covering up an old tattoo that was done poorly and aged badly over the years (it hasn't even been that long...maybe 4-5 years i had had it for but it got really dark when it was supposed to be a bright, pretty tattoo) keep in mind, i did not cover this out of regret. i covered it because it was badly done.

so! i had been searching for the perfect image for a cover up when i came across this photo on miss kim anhs blog and knew i wanted something just like it...
so i gave it to my tattoo artist, mister teddy hucks who turned it into this beautiful piece:

click to enlarge photos/to show detail...
you can see the original piece still as well, obviously it will be getting coloured.

so. it's safe to say that i am IN LOVE with it!! it is by far my biggest piece and definitely the sorest as well...ribcage is an ouchy ouchy spot. i would not wish that kind of pain on my worst enemy...but you get amazing art from it so it is SO worth it ♥ i am so pleased with this piece & cannot wait to see it coloured in, it is going to look phenomenal.

dear mum&dad (& probably kyle),

sometimes i wish you didn't read my blog
(not that you wouldn't have seen this soon enough anyway)
i know you will hate this...
that's okay. just be glad it is not on my chest/arms/legs so you will hardly have to see it ever...also, i love it & that is all that matters.

love, your tattooed daughter