July 7, 2010

today is a good day...no, a great day!
i won this bag from this pretty shop;
ruche, on delightfully tackys blog
giveaways are so fun, especially when you win cool stuff!
i am in love love love with this bag, isn't it great?
you should check out the rest of ruche...they have some really really pretty dresses & rings & things too!

in other news i went to school today to complete an assessment i needed to do for one of my courses, it was mandatory...they will place me in the appropriate class from this. it was kind of a literacy test, lots of tricky questions though where all 4 of the answers could have been right and then at the end i had to write a short essay...my goodness, it had been forever! it felt somewhat strange being back in school...especially one so foreign to me. i had a good look around though...i am still warming up to the idea of school again though, it'll take some time i assume. afterall it has been 4 years. i'm excited though at the same time; it will be a really good change of pace for me.

i am currently dying my hair again.
i actually had roots this time, over an inch too...
(i never let my hair go that long before a dye)
anyway, time to wash out!

tomorrow is mikeys 24th birthday