August 16, 2010

elsie made a post about goals...goals to make your life happier by choosing goals that are not so result oriented (like loosing x amount of weight) as that can lead to here are my 4 simple goals:
1) take more fashion risks
aka: don't get caught up in what everyone is wearing, do my own thing...stop thinking "are people going to think i look silly" if i feel good, wear it & own it.
2) find new music
this probably sounds silly to most of you but i don't listen to the radio & i don't watch much music or mtv as i'm not really into typical top 40 and i don't know of any really good sites that showcase new or upcoming bands so sometimes it's hard for me to find new music and i find myself listening to my old stuff over and over (which is fine, i still love it!) but it's fun finding new bands or songs that you love...
3) start living outside of my comfort zone
sometimes the daily routines of life can be boring. you wake up to another day doing exactly the same thing you did the day before. i want to start doing things i wouldn't normally do (nothing extreme obviously) but small things that make me happy.
4) write more letters
i love love love writing people letters. i use to write letters all of the time, especially to my penpal rosie who lives in with emails and facebook, people aren't writing handwritten letters as much and i miss that. there is nothing better then getting snail mail, especially something as personal as a letter.