August 9, 2010

feels like it's been awhile. oh wow! it's been almost a week...that'd be why.
i've been keeping myself busy however over the weekend i went home, had dinner with mum, dad & kyle & then saturday morning drove up with some friends to kirks cottage/home in penetang:

it was amazing! his place is so gorgeous!
we had an absolutely glorious first day, sat in the sun, used the water trampoline & tubes, drank beer after beer and enjoyed each others company...

i came home today & did this:

eh? what do we think...
i've been this dark before, it's just been awhile so it's taking some adjusting to but i really like it dark! i just got that itch, needed a change. i know, i know...i change my hair more often then anybody should; surprisingly enough my hair isn't falling out of my head & is still relatively healthy so it's all good!

plus i do box dyes so it only costs me about $12-$15 when i need a change...

i always end up going back to red but it's fun to change it up every now and again, right?? & speaking of changing it up, my mum got a chic new haircut...maybe she'll let me take photos next weekend when we go see the backstreets boys...yes, you read that right, bsb!

& this won't be the first time...or second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth...nope, this will be the seventh time that i will have seen the backstreet boys in my lifetime. mind you, most of those were when i was much much younger. i'm still just as excited (well, maybe not just as excited as i'll probably sleep the night before unlike my younger self) however excited all the same! i brought home one of my old bsb tees to alter into something cuter for this coming concert...i'll be sure to show you my creation!