August 28, 2010

( big love )

has anyone else watched big love?
i rented season 1 from the library last week and mikey and i are now nearing the end of season 2 (1 more disc to go) i really like's just so different then any other series out there. i love the characters and i find it really interesting! i think though that if i had of started watching it while it was on tv, i would have gotten bored. i find it easier to get into something after it's been on tv as if you're watching it during, you really have to be into it in order to watch it week after week.

also...i love ginnifer goodwin. i think she's so cute!

see? mega babe!

& she can really pull off any hair style!

of course my favourite is the long & chocolate brown

as for chloe sevigny...i love her character on big love as i totally don't think that's what she would be like in real life but sometimes i just don't find her pretty. she has that sarah jessica parker thing where sometimes she can look gorgeous & other times not so much. she has great hair though, i'll give her that!