August 17, 2010

i have a yoga studio below me and there is a childrens dance class apparently on tuesday mornings at 10.30am...they are learning a dance to that "get on down, get on down the rooooad" song which i have now heard over 10x...if it's not the bar below us at 3am, it's the dance class at 10am haha; the joys of living downtown. i guess in all fairness we have a gorgeous loft so i cannot complain. well i can and obviously do but shouldn't, haha.
- finish watching amelie
(i fell asleep last night as i was up at 8am yesterday or rather mikey was)
- unpack from home
- do some research for an interview i have tomorrow...
i'm pretty excited about where it's for but i won't jinx it and will only share if i get it!
- get some service canada stuff figured out
- write some letters (!!!)
- figure out an outfit for said interview
- 30 minute shred dvd
- work on my happy mail partners package
- transfer photos onto external hard drive
- get old laptop wiped so i can sell it
- go to davids tea for more tea, duh!
& later tonight, a couple drinks with friends

last night was lovely. i went for a great dinner with my friend lianne (this photo is a few years old, lol) we hadn't seen each other much this past month as i have been at home in pickering so much so it was great to catch up! she is one of my favourite people ever

soooo. i got my schedule for college! i have mondays off which is great, tuesdays i only have one 2 hr class at 10am, wed class from 8-10 & 12-2...thurs class from 12-2 & 4-6 and fridays from 8-10am & 11-12pm so i'm done on fridays at noon until tuesday morning at 10am and my latest class goes til 6pm and that's only on one day, all the rest i'm done at 2pm at the latest...great schedule! i couldn't be happier about it. it leaves me lots of time to work :) i just really hope i get this job!!

anyway, i better get on that to do list!